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Female empowerment is the star of the show

It’s nothing new to see Hollywood ‘A’ listers making political statements. In fact, it’s become downright commonplace and widely talked about thanks to social media. However, as big, bold and brash political statements go, the recent Golden Globes ceremony was right...

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Career Strategies 101 – Certifications

As an insurance and risk management recruiter and industry-specific career coach with 30+ years of experience, I am frequently asked about certifications and whether there is value in obtaining them. The question I most often hear is: “how will I know which...

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Top 10 Keys to Career Success

I've had thousands of conversations with hiring managers and job candidates over the course of my 30+ years in the business of recruiting and advising insurance and risk professionals. Although many people follow unique paths to get to the top of their field, there is...

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2018 Career Resolutions

It’s that time of year again! Naturally, people’s thoughts turn to New Year’s resolutions, self improvement and how they plan to do things differently in 2018, usually on a personal level. As someone who focuses on helping people maximize their career potential it...

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Time to renew your career vows

Well, the summer is coming and while you are taking time out for some R & R why not put aside some time to re-evaluate your career. Here are three tips to improve your career outlook anytime of year. ONE Treat each day like a new opportunity to make a bigger...

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Job Security

Companies are merging almost every day. Downsizing and outsourcing continue to be prevalent. What can Risk Managers do to hold onto their positions? Why are some Risk Managers always able to land on their feet while other seemingly well-qualified individuals are not...

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